Species and Hybrids

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Plants are first sorted per species or hybrid. Within each selection plants are further ranked by state and county, except if the plant is coming from an area where the exact county is not known. In these cases the area, e.g. national forest, is given.
The reference on this website for the species is mostly according to the -old- well known eight species names: alata, flava, leucophylla, minor, oreophila, psittacina, purpurea and rubra.
For each of these eight species the list below gives the collected subspecies, varieties and/or formas.

Since 2011 a new nomenclature with 11 species is proposed: alabamensis, alata, flava, jonesii, leucophylla, minor, oreophila, psittacina, purpurea, rosea and rubra. Reference to this new nomenclature is indicated per species, as well as the accepted names according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) of the US governement, with source 'Sarraceniaceae of North America, version 2011'


var. alata var. atrorubra var. cuprea var. nigropurpurea var. ornata var. rubrioperculata
f. viridescens


var. atropurpurea var. cuprea var. flava var. maxima var. ornata var. rubricorpora var. rugelii
f. viridescens


var. leucophylla var. alba var. rosea
f. viridescens


var. minor var. okefenokeensis
var. minor f. viridescens


var. oreophila var. ornata


var. psittacina var. okefenokeensis
var. psittacina f. viridescens var. okefenokeensis f. luteoviridis



spp. purpurea
spp. purpurea f. heterophylla


spp. venosa var. burkei spp. venosa var. montana spp. venosa var. venosa
spp. venosa var. burkei f. luteola spp. venosa var. venosa f. pallidiflora


spp. alabamensis spp. gulfensis spp. jonesii spp. viatorum spp. rubra spp. wherryi
spp. gulfensis f. luteoviridis spp. jonesii f. viridescens spp. viatorum f. viridescens spp. rubra f. viridescens

crosses with leucophylla

x areolata

x bellii

x moorei

x readei

hybrid with S. alata hybrid with S. rubra spp. gulfensis hybrid with S. flava hybrid with S. rubra spp. wherryi